The Country 2013

by Martin Crimp. National tour autumn 2013. Directed by Sue Colverd




“There’s not a limit to what can be said, only a limit to how honest we are prepared to be”

A doctor and his wife move to the country to start a new and better life, but their rural idyll is shattered one night by his discovery of an unconscious girl by the side of the road. Who is she and why does he bring her back to the house?

Martin Crimp is one of the most innovative and leading contemporary playwrights in British theatre today. Written with cool precision and the poetic force of language, The Country, his critically acclaimed psychological thriller, is a riveting exploration of adultery and the disintegration of a marriage.



“An excellent play beautifully presented. Great theatre.” Jeremy Spafford, Director, Old Fire Station Oxford

“Enthusiasts of real theatre & dramatic experiences can rely on Red Dog for first-rate performances of astutely selected plays, not always by famous authors, as have featured in the Red Dog repertoire – eg. Lorca; Dickens adaptations & the like – but plays always by writers of interest, as this one, The Country by Martin Crimp.” 4* Remotegoat