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Sofia and the Sleeping Prince 2013

 a Spanish fairytale adapted and directed by Jude Emmet. Touring December 2013.



Sofia is a Spanish princess, but she doesn’t want to dress in rich clothes and behave like a proper princess should. She longs for something exciting to happen to her, so when she hears a little bird singing a mysterious song outside her window she decides to set off on her very own adventure. Her journey takes her to the far corners of the world and at last she reaches an enchanted castle – but just who is it that she finds there fast asleep?

A 50 minute gently interactive play for ages 3+ with live music and songs.



“Best show ever!” Audience member

“I wish there would be more such shows throughout the year” Audience member

“Brilliant acting. The kids loved it!” Dormer House School

“The productions are simply wonderful and all the children rave about them for a long time after!” Beaudesert Park School