Skin Tight 2007

by Gary Henderson. The UK and Ireland premiere of this award winning play.


Skin Tight is moving, magical, passionate and brutal; everything a love story should be. Based on ‘The Magpies’ by New Zealand poet, Denis Glover, Skin Tight, by critically acclaimed and award winning New Zealand playwright Gary Henderson, is a play about love and the human condition,about a relationship filled with a love that pulsates and endures despite loss, war and betrayal.

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“A rare production in a lovely setting – pure poetry.” Audience member

“Absolutely beautiful – rarely is drama so engaging” Sharon Kirk, Marketing Manager, Riverside Studios

“A moving and memorable performance.” Programmer, Courthouse Theatre

“Superbly done. Moving and thought provoking. The musical imput was crucial.” The Flavel

A beautiful, poetic piece, lovingly sparse. Thank you. A magnificant piece of theatre. The sound so brilliantly reflected the emotional forces in the play. Your production was exceptional.” The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham