Jocasta Mama and The Yellow Wallpaper 2006

two new 1 act plays at The Everyman Theatre 2006


Jocasta Mama by Anne Pearson explores the tragedy that envelopes the lives of the the daughters of Jocasta, who infamously marries her son Oedipus. Returning from the dead Jocasta discovers the full depths of her daughters’ sorrow in this 50 minute drama.JC2crop
In this new adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper Fiona Ross produces a lavish script combining one woman’s increasing despair in triplicate. All three actresses play the same character, all on stage at the same time, mirroring and enhancing a woman’s descent into madness. Though the Yellow Wallpaper is a work of fiction, it was based on Gilman’s own experience of post-natal depression and the ‘treatment’ that was forced on her.JC3crop

“Full of new ideas and expertly enacted by an accomplished cast.” Jon Andriesson, Stroud News and Journal

“Both claustrophobic and immense, the set and the intimacy of the Everyman’s Other Space succeeds in uniting the audience with the actors in the sense of foreboding and helplessness. This was refreshing theatre.” Gloucester Echo