“The exquisite quality of the acting offers up a wonderful gamut of human emotion, from powerful to fragile, from wild joy to blind fury.” Venue Magazine

“Red Dog’s Bernarda Alba is compelling stuff.” A Younger Theatre 4*

“A treat for serious playgoers” Remotegoat

The House of Bernarda Alba 2011

by Gabriel Garcia Lorca in a new translation by Kate Littlewood for Red Dog. National tour autumn 2011. Directed by Sue Colverd



In the 75th anniversary year of Lorca’s death Red Dog brought his final masterpiece ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ to the stage in a new adaption by Kate Littlewood.

“We have eight years of mourning now and not a breath of air will be allowed in from the street. The doors and windows may as well be bricked up, do you hear?”
But nothing can stop the growing tide of desire of Bernarda Alba’s five daughters. As the frustrated tension mounts, each holds on to their longings, jealousies and hopes for the attentions of the virile Pepe el Romano, promised in marriage to one of them.

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