““Brilliant, inventive, uninhibited, entertaining!” 5* Remotegoat at The Tobacco Factory Bristol

“Saw the show at the Old Fire Station, Oxford last night. Thought it was really impressive, and that the second half in particular was dramatically gripping. And those costumes! ” John Terry, Director, The Theatre Chipping Norton

“As I expected, this was a quality Red Dog production: strong adaptation, great design and direction and really strong performances all round. Well done! Please come back next year ” Paul Milton, Creative Director, Everyman Theatre Cheltenham

Dombey and Son 2012

by Charles Dickens adapted by Jude Emmet and the Company. National Tour autumn 2012. Directed by Sue Colverd


“Papa, what is money? What can it do?”
“Money, Paul, can do anything!”


For Dombey, money is the only god worth worshipping, for which he is prepared to sacrifice all human feelings of love and sympathy in order to maintain his social position. Indifferent to his daughter, when his dream of a son and heir is at last realised, even at the cost of his wife’s life, he builds his castles in the air and imagines the greatness to come. But castles built on dreams will tumble down, and Dombey’s blindness in his dealings with those he thinks he controls will prove his undoing.

Red Dog present this sparkling new adaptation of Dickens’ first truly great novel, a tale of pride and passion, love and rejection, generosity and greed set against a backdrop of bustling mid-Victorian London trying to adjust to its new industrial might. His rogues’ gallery of unforgettable characters will delight, surprise and outrage in equal measure, and are brought vividly and affectionately to life in Red Dog’s imaginative production to celebrate the bicentenary of this master storyteller.