One Flea Spare

One Flea Spare 2010 and 2011

by Naomi Wallace. National tour autumn 2010 and at The Old Red Lion, London April 2011. Directed by Sue Colverd


“What are you doing out of your grave?
What happened to the Gentleman?
What happened to his wife?
Whose blood is on your sleeve?”

London. Plague year.


On the last day of their quarantine, a wealthy couple’s house is invaded by two strangers – a sailor and a girl who might not be what she seems. And so another month of quarantine begins. Watched over by their jailor, these four must find a way to survive both the plague and each other.
Unlikely bargains are struck, and brutal games played in this searing and lyrical drama exploring the nature of compassion within the shadow of the grave.

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“Proper grown up theatre” 4* Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

It’s rich and dense, but never less than compelling in a revival that boasts some fine performances” The Guardian

“You will walk out shocked and rattled, but it is worth every moment. This play is superb.” Camden New Journal

“The acting is outstanding, as is the imaginative use of Corinne Hockley and Davy McGuire’s brilliant installations” Morning Star

“This revival is a show of quality and depth, fascinating and repellant in picking over the sores of one of London’s darkest hours.” RemoteGoat

“Sue Colverd’s gutsy, sexy production veritably whiffs of seventeenth-century London, enhanced by the alluringly raggedy, circular design of Corinne Hockley and Davy McGuire’s elegant video art.” Time Out

“It just shows you don’t have to be big to be brilliant….. This is defiantly not one to miss.” Remotegoat 4*

“I found myself completely spellbound by the world Colverd and her creative team had made.The piece had a cast of 5 outstanding actors… possibly the best ensemble of actors I have seen this year. Take an intimate theatre, a marvellous production and a team of excellent actors and you have One Flea Spare.” On the Fringe

“Red Dog Company’s production of One Flea Spare is one of the best I ‘ve seen and in certain particulars, it is the best. The show is sensual, gritty, inventive and intense. What a joy it is to see my work produced to such high standards: impeccably acted, and directed with such vitality as to knock your socks off”. Naomi Wallace, Playwright