Great Bear

The Great Bear of the North 2010

a Scandinavian fairytale, adapted by Jude Emmet. Shortlisted for The Brian Way Award for best new play for children. 9-30 December 2010

LokiWhen Freya stumbles upon a lost bear cub in the snow she finds a new friend – but Loki soon grows too big to live in Freya’s little cottage.
And so begins an adventure taking them to the far north in search of Loki’s true home. But Christmas is coming, the nights are cold and dark and there are greedy trolls bent on mischief….

A 50 minute gently interactive play for ages 3+ with live music and songs.

Freya and Mum400

“The children were captivated. The play explored a wide range of situations and emotions that the children could relate to in a setting that felt very safe.” Amberley Parochial School
“Your play was fantastic…when the bear came close to me I felt like I was in the story”
Audience member